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Sojourner Truth Black history, so long ignored in textbooks, now thrives on the Internet. Popular response to our New Hampshire section has pushed it into the Top Five most visited sections on our site. Here's a sample of our favorite related web pages. (JDR)

  • The Dred Scott Case New

  • A Civil Rights Sojourn


  • Prince Whipple on US Postage Stamp!!

  • Afroroots
    Search engine for African American culture

  • The Chosen One
    Story of Harriet Tubman

  • African American Resources

  • Reunion @

  • Association for the Study of African-American History & Life


  • Images from NY Public Library
    A gold mine of important visual images

  • Struggle for Freedom in Mass
    Good collection of western Mass articles, links and a good timeline page

  • African Americans in Salem, MA
    Very organized and well-designed history section

  • Menare Foundation North Star
    A national nonprofit organization dedicated to the documentation, preservation, and restoration of Underground Railroad safe-house

  • The Black Hollywood Experience
    Brad Lang picked SeacoastNH for, so we're returning a link to his great web site

  • The Underground
    RR in Maine

    Reportedly the "railroad" came up through NH and into the state of Maine to Canada

    Includes black history profiles of living legends and those who have passed on.


  • Underground RR in Lebanon, NH?

  • Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail is local Treasure
    Valerie Cunningham in Foster's Online 6/99

  • Christian Science Monitor's Black History Project

  • BLACK RESISTANCE: Slavery in the US
    Contrary to popular White history, slaves were neither complacent nor content. They resisted every chance they got

  • African America Odyssey:
    A Quest for Full Citizenship

    This Library of Congress online exhibit showcases the national collection of over 240 artifacts of AA history in an attractive readable guide from slavery to civil rights

  • African Americans in the Whaling Industry
    A special section by the Kendall Whaling Museum

  • Africans in America
    The online version with narration and teacher guide to the PBS series on the history of slavery in America

  • Black Facts Online

  • The History Channel
    Lots of black history profiles, but you have to search for them since web pages move around, it seems

  • The Black Patriots Foundation
    The fund-raising website for the Memorial honoring black patriots of the American Revolution. Good bio info on major participants and photos of the memorial.

  • AFRO-American Almanac
    The AFRO-American Almanac is an on-line presentation of the African in America.

  • Soul Search
    the Search Engine for the world's people of color. Just enter in your search keywords then click "Search".

  • Boston Museum of Afro American History
    Our closest neighbor site with great exhibits, fantastic heritage trail, neat store and super links page. A must see New England site.

  • Black Patriots Memorial
    Read all about five black patriots, then click back to see the proposed Washington DC memorial to the 5,000 unheralded black veterans of the Revolutionary War.

  • Boston Massacre Drawing
    Paul Revere's inaccurate, but dramatic illustration that fanned the flames of Revolution. Crispus Attucks, an African American, was the first man killed. (Note: giant graphic file take time to download.)

  • Famous African-Americans in the American Revolutionary War
    The whole story on Columbia University's amazing on-line history hypertext.

  • African American Mosaic
    A good student study starting point from the Library of Congress.

  • The Internet African American History Challenge©
    Sharpen your knowledge of 19th century African American history. Brought to you by our friends at the Blackfax Calendar

    An excellent linking site which features great pages like ours.

  • Black Civil War Sites
    Great link page courtesy of the 54th Mass Regiment. (see below)

    Whether or not you loved the Spielberg film, you need more info, so click here.

  • The Museum of African Slavery
    Huge cyber reservoir of information, articles, personal accounts, songs, references.

  • The Underground Railroad
    There was no railroad and it wasn't underground. The detailed history is here.

  • African American Dates in Time
    An intriguing calendar daybook for year round black history enthusiasts.

  • African American Warriors
    An extensive page of links to African-Americans in the military & through history

  • Black History Month Quiz
    Another excellent starting point for history buffs and students from the Detroit News.

  • Connections
    A Culturally Historical Prospective of West African to African American. Includes some videos

  • Cultural Interactive Multimedia
    Publishers of the CD Encyclopedia Africa the Mother of Civilization.

  • 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment
    They were the first Northern African-American regiment formed during the US Civil War. It led the way for the more than 200,000 African Americans who served in the Union Army and Navy during that war. Its story was depicted in the Academy award-winning movies "Glory".

  • Lest We Forget
    Huge collection of resources on A-A history and culture. Scroll way down.

    Includes the homage and the homepage to the Negro Baseball Leagues.

  • Stamps on Black History
    All about the 60 recent United States Postal Service stamps depicting African-Americans.

  • African Americans in the Sciences
    Profiles of leading professional men and women in science and engineering.

  • The Springfield Race Riot of 1908
    The history of this painful event and its connection to the creation of the NAACP.

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