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Seacoast, NH
Black History

New Hampshire's black history begins in Portsmouth in 1645. But there are important stories to tell from across the Seacoast. Our goal is to tell those stories.

First time visitor? Start with these articles:
First Blacks Of Portsmouth (Part 1) then read
First Blacks Of Portsmouth (Part 2)

Tour the Black Heritage Trail Online
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"Roots and Branches" artwork
© 1997-2003 by Richard Haynes, Jr.

Black History Article List

Heart bullet The Coffins Under the Street New icon

Heart bullet Lost Black Cemetery Discovered? New icon

Heart bullet Richard Potter, First US Magician 

Heart bullet Maine's "Visible" Black History 

 Heart bullet              
 NH's First Black Congregation  

Heart bullet Beneath the Underground Railroad in New England

Heart bullet American Jazz Gallery by Richard Haynes

Heart bullet Frederick Douglass Comes to Town

Heart bullet "Thirst for Freedom" Tells Runaway Tale

Heart bullet We Get US Post Office "Stamp of Approval"

Heart bullet Black Heroes, White Poets

Heart bullet Ona, Runaway Slave of George Washington

Heart bullet Migrant Worker Paintings by Richard Haynes
Portsmouth artist offers an exclusive online
look at his latest colorful series

Heart bullet Limited Edition Richard Haynes Print
Now you can own our very popular logo image
in this signed collector's art print edition

Heart bullet Brewster on Prince & Cuffee Whipple

Heart bullet NH Slave Stories Thrive Online
Portsmouth black history outdraws
every other topic we've put online

Heart bullet Langdon Family Slaves
Domestic and farm workers in Portsmouth's #1 family

Heart bullet Warner House Slaves
Three famous owners all practiced slavery

Heart bullet The Church and Portsmouth Slaves
How did a northern church community
treat the slaves of Portsmouth, NH?

Heart bullet Slaves of the William Pitt Tavern
The Stavers family hosted royalists and
revolutionaries -- and owned slaves.

Heart bullet Slavery in Portsmouth
When 61 slaves arrived here in 1755
it was business as usual for NH

Heart bullet Black History Hotlinks
Updated for 2000 with links to our
favorite african-american history sites

Heart bullet The Morning Star of Dover
A white abolitionist newspaper struggles
to be heard in 19th century Seacoast NH

Heart bullet Whittier's Anti-Slavery Ode to NH
Poet John Greenleaf Whittier praised NH for its abolitionist stand in 1846. But did we deserve it?

Heart bullet "Lost Boundaries" Movie Summary
The most complete plot summary of NH's ground-breaking 1949 race film.

Heart bullet The Making of "Lost Boundaries"
All about the 1949 NH docu-drama on race and prejudice by Louis de Rochemont.

Heart bullet "Black Jacks" Exclusive Interview
UNH Prof. Jeff Bolster releases first comprehensive history of African American mariners in the Age of Sail.

Heart bullet NH's "Colored Patriots Of The Revolution"
Excerpt from the landmark 1855 history book of black Revolutionary War heroes and author bio.

Heart bullet First Blacks Of Portsmouth (Part 1)
Valerie Cunningham traces African American history from 1645 through the first harsh century of slavery.

Heart bullet First Blacks Of Portsmouth (Part 2)
Limited freedom came slowly. Valerie Cunningham discusses emancipation, the "Negro Court," and the lives of Portsmouth's expanding black population.

Heart bullet Prince Whipple
An unsung Revolutionary War hero of Portsmouth is pictured in "Crossing the Delaware" with George Washington.

Heart bullet Slavery In Portsmouth
Charles W. Brewster's 1800s view of slavery is far from politically correct today, but it is one of the few records remaining.

Heart bullet Black Heritage Trail
Still a work in progress, this stirring catalog of places, people and times in Portsmouth is finally finding its way into the history of our region.

Heart bullet The Portsmouth Elders
Five selections from Valerie Cunningham's oral history of long time black residents of Portsmouth.

Heart bullet Blues Bank Collective Hotlink
A website dedicated to promoting the blues and blues artists in the NH seacoast region.

Heart bullet Hewlett Packard Makes Seacoast History
Computer firm joins forces with us and local author to produce black history.

Copyright © 1997-2003
All rights reserved.

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