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On the Trail of the Treaty of Portsmouth (1905)
A Visit from the Yomiuri Shimbun
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Masaomi Terada in Athenaeum
Masaomi Terada, New York bureau chief of the Yomiuri Shimbun, one of the world's largest newspapers, surveys Russo-Japanese Treaty artifacts at the Portsmouth Athenaeum in New Hampshire.

Wentworth By the Sea today
Next stop on the 1905 Peace Treaty tour is the shell of the once grand Wentworth-by-the-Sea hotel where convention delegates stayed. Seen here in April 2000, the hotel had been unused and deteriorating for 20 years. The former hotel property has been sold for the construction of upscale new homes in New Castle. more photos of the endangered hotel click here.

Outside the Peace Bldg
Outside the famous Peace Building at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where the treaty was negotiated. Visitors may call and request an escort to the site at the federal shipyard which celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2000 AD. Here Mr. Terada snaps a photo for Yomiuri. Click here to see early postcard of the "Peace Building".
President Teddy Roosevelt
President Teddy Roosevelt received the Nobel Prize for his orchestration of the Russo-Japanese peace treaty, although he never actually attended the meetings. This picture hangs in the two-room museum inside the Peace Building at the shipyard. Japanese ministers were shocked by Roosevelt's final terms for treaty.

Baron Komura's chair
In Baron Komura's chair: Mr. Terada tries out the chair used by Minister Jutaro Komura during the negotiations with Russian Minister Sergius Witte. The two also waged a battle for headlines in the media-drenched event nearly a century ago.

Roof of Athenaeum
What does an editor of the world's largest newspaper read while in town? Why, it's the world's smallest and America's oldest newspaper - the New Hampshire Gazette. Mr. Terada is seen here on the roof of the Portsmouth Athenaeum.

All digital photos by J. Dennis Robinson

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Terada, Komura and Me

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