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Statehouse drawing
Not many provincial statehouses exist. This picture from Salem, Massachusetts shows how early New England court houses were placed right at the center of things. It is the best image we've seen to show how the Portsmouth building might look if reconstructed at the city center. The Portsmouth statehouse is currently in pieces in a trailer despite its great historic significance to the state of New Hampshire. (Used courtesy of the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem)

NH Statehouse
This is an artist's conception of the way the original Portsmouth Statehouse may have looked early in the 1800s. It was, for a short time, the provincial capitol for the state of New Hampshire at the time of the Revolution. It was located right in the middle of King Street on the Parade (now Congress Street on Market Square) between the North Church on the left and the Portsmouth Athenaeum. The current plan is not to place it exactly here, but a few yards away on Pleasant Street from which this picture is taken. Contemporary historians believe there was also a cupola and walkway at the top of the structure. (From Gurney's Guide to Portsmouth published in 1906)

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