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Inside Old Quebec City
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Old Quebec photo

From the hill below the famous Citadel near the bloody Plains of Abraham, a New Hampshire tourist snaps a photo. Notice the inevitable Frontenac in the background. We found a gorgeous five room apartment here for $600 month near the St. Lawrence and wanted to stay forever.

Old Quebec photo

Portsmouth, NH has just a single livery to provide all its visitors with horse-drawn tours. Quebec City has dozens of carriages that move swiftly through the Vieux Quebec. Near the open air artist's alley, the horses stand on such a sharp incline that the carriages require wheel blocks to prevent them from rolling backwards.

Old Quebec photo

The city is so tourist-friendly that it's downright difficult to get lost here. Besides costumed young guides, information rangers on mopeds prowl the streets to answer questions. Almost everyone is multi-lingual, often with phenomenal fluency in English. Unlike Yankees, they appear to actually be enjoying their lives. This we attribute to the French influence.

Old Quebec photo

After three days of walking the Terrasse Dufferin, we finally realized why the towers of the Hotel Frontenac are so seductive to Americans. They are cleverly designed to emulate giant Dairy Queen cones -- as this photo proves. Fiendishly clever, those Canadians! (JDR)

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All photos by J. Dennis Robinson and Ann McKone
taken with $10 disposable cameras.
© 1997
All rights reserved.

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