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Selling Your Soul to Hollywood

Elizabeth Hurley
New Hampshire's Gen. Jonathan Moulton, accused of selling his soul to the devil in the 1760s, would certainly have been in good company. Even today Hollywood continues to crank out films with the soul-selling theme. Bedazzled, staring Elizabeth Hurley is an anything but puritanical Beelzebub in this film co-staring Bendan Fraser. Hurley also dresses down for a part in the film Weight of Water about the Smuttynose Murders in New Hampshire. (Photo © 20th Twentieth Century Fox)

Devil video

Of course, the most famous battle with the Devil outside the Scriptures belongs to the 1941 film "The Devil and Daniel Webster" based on the story by Stephen Vincent Benet. In this version, New Hampshire's Daniel Webster outlitigates Old Scratch during a trial in Hell. Webster learned his legal skills during a 10-year stay in Portsmouth, NH.

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