Windsor Pearls at West End in March
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Written by Top Event Team


The Windsor Pearls, the new comedy by George Hosker-Bouley will open at the West End Theater, 959 Islington Street, Portsmouth, NH and play from February 20 to March 8. Performances are Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. (Click title to read more) 



Tickets are general admission and are $18 for adults and $15 for students and seniors. Reservations are strongly recommended by calling (978) 683-7745.

Ester Hockenbury is the proud owner of the Windsor Pearls, a gift to her family from Queen Victoria of Great Britain.  Once a year in a grand presentation the pearls are taken out of the safe for viewing at the Monmouth Hotel.  Guests from around the world have booked rooms in the remote hotel looking for a once in a lifetime experience and they are not disappointed.  Before the end of the presentation and during a great storm, the lights go out and when they return we discover the pearls have been stolen.  It would appear everyone has a reason and therefore a suspect.

Archimedes Valhouli and his bride Hortense have arrived for their honeymoon; their last great splurge before they deal with their poverty. Jared Valhouli, the brother has followed the two to express his devotion to his brother’s wife. Viscount Derek von Meter is looking for a new elderly bride having just buried his last three while Lady Bernadette longs for her freedom from her oppressive family who have condemned her to a life of luxury. Shell shocked General Herring and famed actor Burnham Langley come to the aide of Lady Hockenbury in hopes of retrieving the family heirloom.

George Hosker-Bouley has written and produced a new work for the last 24 years to sold-out audiences. Gorge has won 17 Spotlight Awards, (including 8 for Best Play), is the former artistic and executive director of the Prescott Park Arts Festival, and created the Portsmouth Underbelly Tour.

The Windsor Pearls stars Chuck Bouchard, Richard DiMario, Meg Oolders, Norm Smith, Ken Stiles, Anne Rehner and Erika Wilson and George Hosker-Bouley. Set design by Michael Hosker-Bouley and painting provided by Ron Quinn of Amesbury Art.