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Phresh Philbrick Phoods

Philbricks fresh marketThe hottest new place to visit in Portsmouth is -- a grocery store? Customers have been flocking to Philbrick's Fresh Market in what was once a Stroudwater Bookstore off Route 1 in Portsmouth. Without a lick of advertising, owner's Phil Philbrick and Vickie Turner find their new market the toast of the town.

Philbrick's Fresh Market
775 Lafayette Road, Route 1, Portsmouth, NH
Open Mon-Sat 8am - 8pm, Sun. 10am - 6pm
(603) 422-6758

Phil Philbrick
We don't usually recommend a grocery store as a tourist attraction, but Philbrick's Fresh Market is unique. Without a lick of advertising the homey high-end market was packed with shoppers all through its opening weekend.

We found company president Phil Philbrick caroming around the 20,000 square foot market like a pinball. This top-quality market has been his the long time dream of the Seacoast entrepreneur. His borther "Captain Jon" supplies the fresh fish (older brother Rod is a well known novelist). In-store vendors offer gourmet meats and baked goods. The prepared food deparment has its own chef and kitchen. Prices are legible. A receptionist greets cusomters at the door and the owner actually speaks with the customers.
A mother standing near the fresh sushi area told her duagher, "I'm just going to stay right here, dear -- forever!" Store workers sport trim outfits and striped aprons. Ecstatic shoppers stopped for long conversations about the arts and politics. Cooks in clean white uniforms offered samples of fragrant Indian cuisine, wine and imported cheeses. The kick-off event seemed more like a theater opening than Sunday afternoon shopping.
We cornered Phil and co-owner Vicki Turner for a quick portrait in the produce section. They had not slept or stopped to eat in three days, Phil said. A woman with a shopping cart hugged them suddenly and emotionally repeated, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" The store, apparently, has an deeply appreciative clientelle.
The store is conspiciously devoid of glaring lights, shelves full of candy and junk food, magazine racks, kitchenware, cheesey muzak, impulse items and tacky store displays. Instead Philbrick's Fresh Market is decoarated in live plants and flowers. Thre are wide aisles, well designed exhibits and fascinating specialty products. Locally grown and manufactured food products are featured in special exihibit areas. As the store evolves, Phil says, inventory will shift based on cusomter requests.
So you can catch a movie, visit historic sites or shop for fresh food in Portsmouth. It's a new kind of family entertainment. -- JDR


Philbrick's Fresh Market

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