Marie Antoinette and the Color of Flesh
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Joel Gross’s intriguing play about the infamous Queen blends fact with imagination in this dramatic love triangle set during the turbulent years around the French Revolution. At Player's Ring in May in POrtsmouth, NH. (CLick title for full article)


Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, a beautiful, social-climbing portrait painter, uses her affair with Count Alexis de Ligne, a left-leaning philanderer, to get a commission to paint the naive young Queen Marie Antoinette. While Elisa uses the queen to further her career and Alexis uses the queen to further his political goals, both learn to love the woman they’re exploiting.

Elisa becomes the queen’s best friend, and Alexis becomes the queen’s lover. Elisa tries to end the scandalous affair between the queen and Alexis, both out of concern for the queen’s political position and jealousy over Alexis’ love, until the Revolution shatters all three of their lives.

Directed by Joi Smith and deftly performed by the very talented Danica Carlson (as Elisa), Knate Higgins (as Alexis) and Jennifer Henry (as Marie Antoinette), this play will allow viewers a glimpse of the more intimate moments behind the scenes at Versailles and engage you in a touching story of love, friendship and mutual support between a queen, her confidants and their transformation throughout the French Revolution.


May 9 -  25

Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm

Sunday, May 11 & May 18at 7pm

Sunday, May 25 at 2pm


The Players’ Ring Theatre

105 Marcy St. Portsmouth, NH 03801

For tickets and reservations please call603-436-8123 or visit

 Tickets: $15 general, $12 students, seniors, members

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