Main Street South Berwick over 200 Years
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Written by Top Event Team

South Berwick trainMARK YOUR CALENDAR

The South Berwick, Maine, bicentennial has inspired history exhibits now on view at three locations: the Counting House Museum, South Berwick Public Library and South Berwick Town Hall. (click title to Read More)

In “Main Street, South Berwick: 200 Years of Downtown History,” the Old Berwick Historical Society presents highlights on weekend afternoons in the Counting House.

Smaller displays on the town’s history from the 1700s and 1800s are also on view at South Berwick Public Library and South Berwick Town Hall during their respective regular open hours.  The Town Hall case, outside the second floor offices, covers the history of the Portsmouth Manufacturing Company.  The library exhibit has nautical items on display and explores the years the town was a shipbuilding center.

The exhibits were created from the society’s collection of about 10,000 documents and photographs on local history, and about 1000 historic objects.