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June 2005 Contest

June 2005 Contest

Answer a Seacoast history question
and you might win a prize from
Thom Hindle Collection 
(Be sure to read the rules first)

from Images of the Past Gallery

How did Seacoast NH citizens get around 100 years ago? Why by "dog cart", of course. Dog Cart from the Thom Hindle CollectionNow you can have a copy of this rare and authentic photograph from the collection of Thom Hindle. The picture was taken in Dover, New Hampshire where Thom maintains a collection of 100,000 negatives from early New England photographers. This picture has been digitally processed directly from the 5x7 glass negative. Your print measures 11 x 14 and is matted and ready for framing in high-resolution output on archival quality paper from the THOM HINDLE COLLECTION. To see more images click on the photo and visit Images of the Past Gallery. While there you can  select from a variety of sepia and hand-toned images frame and unframed. (Click here to see a larger version of this picture)

Arcadia Publishing ($20)

Then * NowThe more things change, the more they stay the same. This special archive include 50 comparisons between Portsmouth now and in the 19th century. Images from the collection of Bill and Connie Warren. If you love Portsmouth history, you'll want this book in your library. It includes images from the collection of Bill & Connie Warren, well known local history experts. One of our last copies of this Arcadia Publishing book goes to the second place winner. To see 50 locations online visit our Then & Now section.

Fill out the form and mail your entry today to enter our contest. Be sure to review the contest rules. Contest ends April 30 and the next contest begins May 1. Good luck from

He was both a mummy and the "daddy" of the American Navy. Buried in 1792, this famous citizen of the world spent 18 months in Seacoast, New Hampshire before his untimely death at age 45. But he was exhumed and in Paris in 1905 and placed in a marble tomb fashioned after the one occupied by Napoleon himself. Who is he? ((Click for hint

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