Free Seacoast Web Listing Guidelines
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Written by SeacoastNH Help

about our web site directory

SeacaostNH offers free listings to qualified web sites that emanate from our region. Just fill out our handy registration form and submit your web site to our directory today. Got questions? Here are a few basic answers. If you have more questions, just email us using the link at the very bottom of this web page.

What web sites do you include?
Any legitimate group, organization, company can register. We don’t include personal or family web pages unless your pages offer unique information about our region. We don’t accept web sites with adult-oriented content or ones that link to those sites. We prefer sites that do not include advertising pop-ups. We are a regional web site, so all sites must be run by people from this region.

What is the SeacoastNH region?
Any town in or near coastly New Hampshire, South Coastal Maine (below Portland) and North Shore, Massachusetts. Some key lcoations beyond that range may be included if they have special impact on the Seacoast region.

Is this listing really free?
Totally free. You can "enhance" your listing in a number of ways -- add a picture, expland the number of words, add a color highlight. But the basic listing is free for as long as you list it.

How can I update my listing?
Just send us an email with the specific change listed, and be sure to indicate your exact title. For the best action, simply go to your listing, press the MORE INFO button, and cut and paste the URL that appears at the top of the page.

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