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Nobody does online history and genealogy like your site!!
Most grateful.
Bookworm from Fairhaven MA

Thank you much. Dr. Candee's information [on your web site] is most helpful and without your site I probably wouldn’t have the info I have.
Barry Bazeley

I love your web site. Until I discovered your site I thought I was the only person who likes trolling through graveyards and taking pictures of historical but not well known places. I think it is wonderful that you are helping to preserve our nation's history. I wish there were more people with your enthusiasm and joy of history.
Amber in Cincinnati, Ohio

I am the web person for NHTP and I have to congratulate the person responsible for all the John Paul Jones info online...awesome job and way cool as well.

Your beautifully-designed site is one of the best on JPJ, of the hundreds, I've browsed. Sure gives me the taste to change my travel plans and visit the Seacoast this summer!
Jeanette Paul, Longueuil, Quebec

Terrific interview with Evan Thomas. I am eager to read his biography of John Paul Jones, oh, and kudos to the interviewer. Smart questions, challenging, insightfull, quite impressed.
Chris Lee , Honolulu, HI

Your "discovery" of the George Fishley picture is fantastic! You have created a marvelous site honoring our Revolutionary heroes. We will add this to our link page as a "study in history" for all Americans. Thanks for bring history "home."
Roger Mansell, Director, Center for Research, Allied POWs under Japan

I always look forward to your essays, Dennis, and wonder to myself how you can possibly write so much so quickly so well. But you always do and do a bang-up job of it, too -- a pleasure to read such clear and concise writing.
Mike Dater

Yesterday I forwarded the web-link to the Wentworth-Coolidge info you posted to my board of directors, and to colleagues at the NH Division of Historic Resources and Parks department, and they have responded rapidly and with very high praise for your generosity in including the text and compliment you on the elegance added by the beautiful images, clean layout, and thoughtful placement.
Mark Sammons

This is a bit of a fan letter for J Dennis Robinson. I regularly read his column. I found "Gulf War Syndrome 2.0" and "Ain't Gonna Study War No More" fantastic observations of the state of the state of the american mind.
Carolyn L. Stoddard

We love your profiles of famous NH people and are doing something similar -- though much more modest an effort -- on our new website.
Abigail Abrash, New Hampshire Citizens Alliance

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