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We’re not much on tooting our own horn. It’s taken us ten years to pull together a kudos page. But when we do something, we do it up big. Following are about 100 nice comments from readers and sponsors culled from over 1000 complimentary emails from recent years. We blush, bow, kneel and humbly offer our thanks. And we accept large monetary gifts.




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Robinson Offline


Man, you have such a great job! I just looked at your Hampton Beach off-season photos. I would love to do what you do! Good work.
Sue Lee

Everytime I go to your website I wish I had more time to peruse the site, read the books you recommend, and go to more events! Just wanted to let you know I think it's fantastic! At least it's a rainy day so I'm getting a little reading in!
Joyce Andersen 

Just a note to tell you that we continue to enjoy and admire "Seacoast NH"
and we hope you will be encouraged to keep on with your excellent online work.
Al and Carol Hawthorne, Portsmouth

This is the most thorough regional site I've ever seen. Congratulations! You're bookmarked already!Louis Riggs, Hannibal, MO

Looking for information -- and found it -- on this great site..
Tom Scott

You've got the best web site...easy to navigate and full of valuable Portsmouth-related articles.
Marianne Pernold Young, Portsmouth

As usual, top marks for the web site, which is even better than last year
Paul Reardon, Seacoast Trolley

You guys put out the best darn little magazine I've seen online.
Deborah L Peck

What a great web site! I get to go to NH on vacation every time I read your stuff; good stuff.
Jim Pettit

As a former magazine editor (and now a part time history teacher) I commend you on the superb job you are doing with your site; I'm very aware of the time and energy you expend on this enterprise. Your passion can be seen on every page.
Sean Callahan, Brunswick, ME

The new site looks super. Hope it goes well for you!
Fred Langa, Online computer expert

Just came across your web site this evening. Wow!… . I find your web site fascinating.
John Miller, Mittelbrunn, Rheinland Pfalz, Germany

Your site rates a 10, once again! Wish everyone could enjoy your place, as I do!
Donald Hakey

 You have an outstanding, good and well-structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
From South Beach Diet  

You have a touch of whimsy in your can make a factual story captivating and intriguing and that is a gift.
Nancy Pelletier

I just enjoyed your web site. I admire the elegant, engaging ways you've chosen to portray cultural history. Keep up the great work.
David Kassnoff, Managing Editor, Eastman Kodak Company

I absolutely love your web site and want to thank you for all your efforts in making history come alive.
Marty Draper

Once again, I am amazed at what you folks at do.
Robert Garland in Perkasie, PA

I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your site SO much. It is the most interesting thing on the web and I appreciate your perseverance in updating the site regularly. I live in Oklahoma, but I long for the ocean and everything associated with it.
Jacob Stevens

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I wanted to pass on that many of the guests at the last concert saw the listing on
Peter Michaurd, Historic New England

I want to buy posters of the Migrant Farm Workers series for my classroom. Where can I purchase them?  they are perfect for the unit we are doing on justice and economics, which has a focus on migrant workers.
Nancy Snyder, York, PA  

Just got my monthly  e-zine from your site and clicked on the link for your article on Becky's in Portland. Great article. That Penny Gourmet - wish I had a job like hers!  Becky's has a truly fresh, imaginative website. Loved it. Makes me want to go to Portland and check them out!
Sue Lee  

I just want to add that is a fantastic resource on local history. You have done a marvelous job of compiling data and on presenting it in an entertaining manner. Your sponsors should know that their money is well-spent on supporting an integral part of the Seacoast Community. All my best,
Tim Deal

We receive a lot of business from people who have found us from your site.
Isles of Shoals Steamship Co.

Your column on why and how Portsmouth should promote history (and itself) should be required reading for every Chamber of Commerce member, every shopkeeper and every downtown employee.
Michael Power, NH Job COrps

As a diversity consultant I must tell you that I find your site to be of great value. I frequently have the pleasure of working in the New Hampshire area. The information that you provide helps me to explain the important history of New Hampshire’s diversity. Thank you for your hard work.
Emily James President, Emily James Enterprises

Wow. What a great site! Thanks so much for the attention. As a struggling independent band, I can't tell you how much it means.
Jim’s Big Ego

Got a request from Finland...a sale to a German...(2 countries I haven't "cracked" before now...), plus other sales to seacoast residents. One has asked to me do a concert for an after-school program at Portsmouth Middle School, and to possibly teach a songwriting workshop there as well. Thought you'd like to know that some people actually read this stuff and take your word!
TS Baker

I use and recommend your site and search engine all the time. It's a great resource for the area.
ricia Toms in New York City

I wasn't aware that you were going to do such a wonderful and complimentary article about Sean Tracey Associates. Thanks for your kind words, your endorsement of our site, and your excellent writing.
Sean Tracey

Thank you so much for the article on Bode Miller Flying Downhill. It has already been sited by NECN (New England Cable News) as the way they learned about the film and invited me on their morning show for a week from Friday.
Bill Rogers, Director/ Producer, Coruway Film Institute

I was very pleased with the story you wrote. I wish there were more people writing stories about web sites and web design. I think they will in the future when the medium becomes as relevant as TV.
David Flood, President, EnSky Corporation

Many thanks again for your terrific article, which continues to bring folks in contact with my site. (I received three messages in just the last few days, one from a potential client.
Phyllis Edgerly Ring

Your web site works! It has a good following geographically too. You guys have shunted about 50 request for catalogs to our web site this month. Normally it would be two or three.
Andy Kaplan, President, Kinderworks

Belated thanks to you and to for your great coverage and collaboration. We know you are a friend of Strawbery Banke, and we appreciate your positive reinforcement of the value we bring to the community.
Stacey Brooks, Marketing

THANK YOU so much. I thought you did a great job! It's pretty amazing how you were able to sift through three hours of conversation and come up with a such a cogent article. Best wishes,
Valerie Margolis

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I just wanted to send a note complimenting the website.  Visually, it is a nice website to look at and one of the easier ones in the Seacoast to navigate.  It has been a constant concern of mine that many of the websites for the Seacoast are too complicated and rather difficult to maneuver threw.  It's a pleasure to see one that is attractive and simple.  I will be putting this site on the top of my list for finding Seacoast info and events! Thank you!
Laura, Portsmouth Resident 

 Thanks again for a wonderful web site. I never before really had a desire to go to New Hampshire, but as I've had the opportunity to view your site, it's really sparked an interest in coming sometime.
With Kind Regard, Nathan Maas San Luis Obispo, California

I enjoy your site immensely, and find myself reading ever more of the tantalizing stories about your lovely corner of our world. Early in each month I can't wait for your newest entry, and have begun to think seriously about a trip east to visit for myself.
Reader in Crawfordsville, Indiana

I look forward to receiving your great newsletter each month. I hope one day to "escape" the South for a few weeks and saunter up the eastern seacoast. Since receiving your newsletter, New Hampshire is definitely on my "gotta go there" list.
Martha Baker, Carriere, MS

I am currently serving in Iraq with the II Marine Expeditionary Force based at Camp Fallujah. After reading your site my plan for R and R is to take a few days with my family to visit Exeter, NH and research my family roots.
John Folsom, Colonel, USMCR

What a surprise and pleasure when I ran across your website. My wife and I love the Portsmouth, NH area. We visited there for a day the first time several years ago. We made it a point to visit and stay there for almost a week last August for our 40th Anniversary. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we are planning to return to the area again in the near future. What a lovely area in which you live. You are so fortunate to be amongst so much natural beauty and in such a historical area. I have signed up for your newsletter, and look forward to receiving it. Keep up the good work.
Bill Alt

Keep up the good work. As a resident of New Jersey, with miles and miles of coast, it's the New Hampshire coastline that really makes me appreciate the Atlantic. An hour or two on NH's coast line beats a week's worth at the Jersey shore!
J.G, Pennington, New Jersey

I enjoy your site immensely, and find myself reading ever more of the tantalizing stories about your lovely corner of our world. Early in each month I can't wait for your newest entry, and have begun to think seriously about a trip east to visit for myself. I especially love the stories about real people who long ago walked your shores and sailed off your coasts. To us land-locked souls it is just so romantic.
Nora in Crawfordsville, IN

We have never been to New England or the East Coastfor that matter and your site might be as close as we ever get.
Terry Landsem

We love your site. We enjoy history.
"Green Angel Inc" 

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This is a long overdo thank you for the pleasure you have given me with the pieces you have done on historical Portsmouth and surrounding people, placs, things and events. As an 80-year old Portsmouth native who grew up in the shadow of Meeting House Hill on Whidden Street I loved it all
Elaine Hussey aka "Mickey" in Portsmouth, NH

Thanks for your continuing good work.
Dudley Dudley

My husband and I moved here from Connecticut 6 years ago.I enjoy your web site so much . . . the presentation and content are excellent!
Carole Cartnick

Great website! Very educational and a tremendous resource.
Dave LeGault in Newmarket

Thanks for all you do to preserve our cultural and historical roots.
Seacoast Reader

You have a very nice Webb site - I am a Senior Citizen by a few years and just started the computer field - am enjoying it very much so far. I read about your Webb in the Sunday Fosters - again its lovely 
AOL Reader

Thank you for your quick response, in the midst of my frustration as a flatlander from Missouri, I neglected to let you know how much I enjoyed reading through the site. Truly I thought "who needs a Seacoast newspaper when there's so much packed in here"? My kudos! 
Kathleen Coker

I enjoy reading your website and think you do a terrific job!
June Saxon, Portsmouth

Mr. Robinson- I just wanted to write and thank you! I appreciate the comments you made on my writing. I think the power of this experience [Rebecca is a Peace Corp volunteer in Africa from Seacoast, NH] is increased by sharing it, so I appreciate you helping me do that. You also made my father very happy.
Rebecca Perkins
Senegal, West Africa

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I used to live in Rye and now in Florida and can't tell you how much I enjoy your web site.. When I get homesick for the seacoast I just look at your web site for awhile and feel as though I have gone home for a little while.
Pat R Maison

I lived in Kittery most of my life...but now am a Florida resident. I so enjoy reading and learning about our historical New England past. I sit at the computer with my cup of coffee and read thru every article. Thank you so much for your site.
Lynn Lait, Orlando, FL

Loved the stories about the finds at Star Island, the work on Smuttynose, and the Constitution light. It is Spring and and an old woman's fancy turns to thoughts of home! I always miss the seacoast at this time of year. Thanks to you I can regularly "visit" thought 1500 miles inland! Keep up the good work!
Joan Johnson

Our children were born in Portsmouth. has been a favorite web site for all of us here in Idaho. Our warmest memories are as you describe them every month. Thank you for keeping our family memories alive.
Daren & Darcy Jack, Eagle in Idaho

Circumstances have led me to Reno, NV, after living almost two decades in the Seacoast -- but you and your site help me keep up with friends and events. I sincerely appreciate your time and effort and midnight hours to give this great scope to all of us.
Peggy Fish

Thank you for your time, effort, and devotion to keeping folks (me especially) informed!! I have gotten to the point where I look forward to your newsletters.
Katie McCann, Loyal New Hampshire-ite... Stuck in Austin, TX.

This is such a cool site! Keep them coming. It makes me sad that my clueless ancestors ever left Dover, not much I can do about it, except log on.
WentworthFoster in Mill Valley CA

The information on Portsmouth's history and historical sites brought back many fond memories of visits there when our family lived in nearby Dover (between 1965 and 1985). My wife and I are Californians now, but your website helped recall why we still love the NH-Maine Seacoast area. Many thanks -- and best wishes!
Bill Brady in CA

As a transplanted Portsmouth native now in northern Maine, I really enjoy the ezine you send. Keep 'em comin'! And the daily calendar is great!
Susan Lee, Houlton ME

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Hi Ken-- I look at your forecast at least once a day, and I think it's fantastic. Thank you for the time you take to keep us informed about the REALLY local weather. One of your many fans
Marya Danihel 

Tell Ken Mitchell to relax....he is still the very best weatherman- forecaster ...........a great sense of humor and makes the study of meteorology so interesting i want to study the weather ! I plan my days by his words (almost)..........Thanks for the daily reading on the net.
Sydney from Cape Neddick

I live in Andover, MA bur after hearing of your forecasts, I've become hooked! Do you think you could stretch it just an inch or two on your weather maps !!!!!
Mike Morris

I really appreciate having the local forecasts that you provide to the point where I now never bother with the traditional sources (i.e., TV / Radio).
Dan Gangai

First let me say this -- you've never let me down in your forecasts, which are inevitably more accurate than local forecasters and I would put my money on you in any "forecast-off".
Mike Morris, Jr.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your daily column. I live in Rye but spend a few winter months in Florida. Your article is one of the first ones I read every day. You do a great job with both the general weather descriptions as well as the more technical aspects. I think you are the only local person who takes the time (and energy) to write such an extensive piece. Wanted you to know there are some out there who appreciate what you do. Bye for now,
Sheila in Florida

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Dear Dennis,  You certainly are a charmer!  And, a chuckle-bringer...sometimes a belly-laugh-bringer.  Your newsletter always fills holes in my education and brightens my day.   THANK YOU!!
Pat Wall

I bless and curse you....This month's email was the best ever, but that's the trouble... you had me hooked for over 2 hours!!! Thanks for great pictures and articles, and especially all the old articles from the archives. I've been a longtime subscriber so enjoyed going back in time. How you have changed over the years...mindboggling, and whatever you've been doing, keep on doing it.
Barbara C Kruse, UNH Alum

Suddenly I knew something was wrong! I haven't received an online newsletter from you for some time. Help! I need my regular dose of salt air it provided for me!
Joan Johnson

Thanks for sending me this newsletter! I love it.
Carol in the Seacoast

I enjoy so much getting the newsletter each month. You guys are very innovative and informed!
Loyal Reader

Just another note to tell you what a terrefic job you are doing! I am truly impressed!
Pauline Dangora

I have received your newsletter for the past two months, and I LOVE IT! It is diverse, food, history, and entertainment. You cover it all1 Keep up the good work!
Pauline D of Billerica, MA

Very American and great history lessons and trivia -- love reading and congrat's to your history buffs. Tnanks
Sandra L Ramish, Jordan, New York

Just want to thank you for all the informative incoming. it is a pleasure to read your newsletters.
Scot F. Roelofs in Norway

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Nobody does online history and genealogy like your site!!
Most grateful.
Bookworm from Fairhaven MA

Thank you much. Dr. Candee's information [on your web site] is most helpful and without your site I probably wouldn’t have the info I have.
Barry Bazeley

I love your web site. Until I discovered your site I thought I was the only person who likes trolling through graveyards and taking pictures of historical but not well known places. I think it is wonderful that you are helping to preserve our nation's history. I wish there were more people with your enthusiasm and joy of history.
Amber in Cincinnati, Ohio

I am the web person for NHTP and I have to congratulate the person responsible for all the John Paul Jones info online...awesome job and way cool as well.

Your beautifully-designed site is one of the best on JPJ, of the hundreds, I've browsed. Sure gives me the taste to change my travel plans and visit the Seacoast this summer!
Jeanette Paul, Longueuil, Quebec

Terrific interview with Evan Thomas. I am eager to read his biography of John Paul Jones, oh, and kudos to the interviewer. Smart questions, challenging, insightfull, quite impressed.
Chris Lee , Honolulu, HI

Your "discovery" of the George Fishley picture is fantastic! You have created a marvelous site honoring our Revolutionary heroes. We will add this to our link page as a "study in history" for all Americans. Thanks for bring history "home."
Roger Mansell, Director, Center for Research, Allied POWs under Japan

I always look forward to your essays, Dennis, and wonder to myself how you can possibly write so much so quickly so well. But you always do and do a bang-up job of it, too -- a pleasure to read such clear and concise writing.
Mike Dater

Yesterday I forwarded the web-link to the Wentworth-Coolidge info you posted to my board of directors, and to colleagues at the NH Division of Historic Resources and Parks department, and they have responded rapidly and with very high praise for your generosity in including the text and compliment you on the elegance added by the beautiful images, clean layout, and thoughtful placement.
Mark Sammons

This is a bit of a fan letter for J Dennis Robinson. I regularly read his column. I found "Gulf War Syndrome 2.0" and "Ain't Gonna Study War No More" fantastic observations of the state of the state of the american mind.
Carolyn L. Stoddard

We love your profiles of famous NH people and are doing something similar -- though much more modest an effort -- on our new website.
Abigail Abrash, New Hampshire Citizens Alliance

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For months I have meant to write and say thank you so much for your incredible words about Esther Buffler [former Portsmouth poet laureate]. Your words touched me so very much, bringing up both loss and joy for me. You really captured the spirit of Ess, and her effect on all of us here in Portsmouth. That first paragraph, wow, that first sentence "If all the buildings in Portsmouth fell down, this town would still remind me of Esther." You are very good. I will keep your tribute with all my Esther books, letters, things, and in my heart.
Susan Kress Hamilton, Phinease Press, Portsmouth

I just finished reading your column on Esther Buffler. It was beautiful! Nearly moved me to tears. Wow, I'm so glad you're out there writing about Portsmouth, about anything.
Molly Hartle

Dennis, I just read your article on Esther. It was in itself a poem. Also very moving. (From a former social Studies teacher PHS, now retired up here in Rochester --- liked your pick of the Rochester site also :)
Brian P. Brennan of Rochester, NH

That was a very lovely piece you wrote on Esther. As beautifully composed as a perfect little short story
Rodman Philbrick in Kittery, ME

I just read your beautiful tribute to Esther Buffler in the paper. It was a wonderful story.
Nancy Landroche of South Berwick, ME

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First of all let me complement you on the wonderful photographs that your web page contains. As an educator, I much appreciate the images as an educational tool.
Robert Gerlich, S.J., Associate Professor of History
Loyola University New Orleans

First of all, I love this site. The kids (and adults) find out lots of interesting facts that they haven't heard before.
Janice Kane, 4th grade teacher, Nottingham, NH

I am a history teacher at Alvirne HS in Hudson and I'm particularly fond of your site for its NH history stories.
Jim Costello

This is a fabulous web-site! Very well-done! I'm saving it as a "Favorite" and may use it to develop a local history curriculum for my 5th graders.
Enthused NH Teacher

The seacoast history information has been my resource for planning local historic site visits this summer with my 11-year old son. Without this "preview" information source our visits would be much less effective.
Elizabeth Volpone

Good evening. I love your website. The bios are great and easy to read (especially for my fourth graders)
Brenna Jones

My name is Olivia. I am a 5th grader in Narcoossee Fl. I am doing a report on New Hampshire History. I have searched through your web site and have gotten alot of information.

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I gave your autographed book on Wentworth By the Sea to my son. It was his favorite Christmas present.
Norman Wilson

We really enjoyed your article about the Folsom Tavern in the newest issue of Accent Magazine. It's really well-written. The opening paragraph is terrific. In fact, we enjoyed the article so much, we'd to put it on our website's
Debbie Kane, Development Officer, American Independence Museum

Just a quick note of thanks for the great, great piece on Atlantic Heights in this month’s Accent. Magazine.
D. Scott Campbell

Liked your piece about NH Gazette - am always gaga over how you manage to crank out so much stuff - and all solid, too. rock on!
Jane Wingate, Farmington

I always look forward to J. Dennis Robinson's stories whenever I get FOSTER'S SUNDAY CITIZEN. But your idea of turning Strawbery Banke into an exploratorium really hit me with "Eureka."
Carolyn L. Stoddard

Dear Mr. Robinson: Your Wentworth by the Sea book arrived on Nov. 15 and I have now finished it. Would you laugh to know that I savored each story as one might an expensive and rare chocolate! A book to re-read and let it stir up memories.
Joyce Sperry

May I also say how much I have enjoyed reading your book on "Wentworth By The Sea." My wife and I spent a few days there last spring as guests of my classmate Addie Closson to celebrate his 73 birthday.
Warren M. "Renny" Little

Thanks for the presentation you gave to The Newmarket Historical Society last week. You are truly a gifted speaker, with the ability to keep your audience mesmerized. It was by far the most enjoyable program we have had this year!!
Rich Alperin

Great presentation at Rye Public--loved that you were NOT afraid to load tons of detail on listeners--could have listened to you another 5 hours.
Thanks for being alive and brilliant, and for being a "simple story teller" as WELL as a historian.
Tom Clarie

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful event on Frank Jones today. It was very engaging and entertaining and everyone will talk about you for a long time.
Amy Kenly

Your program in Brentwood Historical was even better than I expected. What a great evening! Thank you so much.
Linda Rousseau, Program Chair

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk to the Elderhostel group on Tuesday. While I've always enjoyed reading your work, this was my first chance to hear you speak. Fascinating information, a delightful presentation!
Barbara Pinto, UNH

Thank you for doing our WPEP interview. We had great feedback from the show already. Best regards,
Donna Montalbano

The audience really liked you the other evening. You are quite good! Well done!
Steve Gianotti

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