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Welcome to the independent web portal for the historic Seacoast of New Hampshire and South Coast Maine region. This is "America's Smallest Seacoast"(sm) – just 17 miles long, but big in history, in culture and in spirit. Our Web portal reaches over 1.2 million unique readers annually with 7,000 archived web pages about the greater Portsmouth, New Hampshire region, including over 25 towns. New Hampshire was born here in 1623 and we never forget our origins, or lose our Yankee sense of perspective. When you find yourself at sea in a crazy world – anchor here a while in the safe harbor of an old New England port. Here, have some chowder. We’ve got a story or two to tell.






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There are those we don’t believe New Hampshire even has a Seacoast. They are not far wrong. But like the person who owns a single diamond, we feel especially fortunate. We’ve heard it said that there are just two kinds of people in this world – those lucky enough to live near our little coastline, and those smart enough to visit. So if you are not among the former group, please fill your purses and wallets with legal tender and stop by. Or if you live too far away to afford the fuel, you are welcome to click liberally through these fine pages. Looking out from the shore here on a good day, we can see the great state of Maine to our left and Massachusetts to our right. The piece that holds them together – or some say keeps them safely apart – is all us.



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J. DENNIS ROBINSON designed and created in 1996 with enormous assistance from Tim Dubuque. A former teacher and video producer, he is now a full-time writer, Robinson has published over 1,000 pieces about this region and sees no end in sight. He lectures frequently on local history and Internet topics. His newest book is a history of Wentworth by the Sea hotel. When not working on, he is thinking about working on He lives with his wife Maryellen in Portsmouth, NH. (photo by Ralph Morang)





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