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Heartbreak Hotel


A headless plaster cherub seems a fitting symbol for the Wentworth by the Sea Limbo Years /Stephen Gianotti and Tom McCarron

Visitors new to the Seacoast region are amazed when they learn that, just a few years ago, this New Castle hotel was a wreck. Stephen Gianotti and Tom McCarron thought they were capturing the last days of the Wentworth when they shot these photos in 1989. According to the architects who redesigned the hotel, it was roughly two years from total collapse when it suddenly received a $26 million reconstruction.



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Stephen Gianotti by Tom McCarronIn retrospect, it all seems like a dream. For 20 years the massive hotel stood vacant on the New Castle, NH bluff looking blankly out to sea. Now with Wentworth by the Sea re-opened and bustling, we quickly forget how close it came to complete destruction. Very very close.

Yet much was still lost. Fully 85-percent of the 800-foot Victorian hotel was razed by previous owners during its Limbo Years beginning in 1982. In 1998 photographer Stephen Gianotti asked permission of the Green Company to capture images of the hotel. Closed in 1981, the Wentworth was in desperate shape when Gianotti and his friend Tom McCarron began shooting pictures inside and out.

Following is a gallery of details from the Colonial Revival era, plaster cherubs, wooden rosettes and adorned columns. Most were destroyed when the 1880s and 1890s additions were bulldozed recently, but not all. Only the earliest portion of the hotel has survived and been renovated and modernized by the new owners Ocean Properties. Today Gianotti's photographic record offers a rare last look at the architectural detailing from Frank Jones era. --- JDR

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Wentworth-by-the-Sea Photos
Victorian Details


Ornate victorian column/ Stephen Gianotti and Tom McCarron

Lost detail in plaster ornamentation / Stephen Gianotti and Tom McCarron

Lost architectural detail at Wentworth by the Sea /

CONTINUE photos of Wentworth by the Sea

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