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Grand NH Hotel Brochure 1920s


The posh era of the this New Hampshire hotel peaked under owner Harry Beckworth. Through the Roaring 20s and the Great Depression, this exclusive summer resort exhibited the best that money could buy for wealthy white guests only. The hotel was even parodied in a Golddiggers film by Busby Berkeley. Read the complete text.




Wentworth by the Sea
Portsmouth, NH

Where his great house stood looking out to sea
A goodly place where it was good to be

These lines from Longfellow's "Tales of a Wayside Inn" serve as an appropriate caption for the illustrations in this book, the purpose of which is to arouse a desire to visit the place which has so many and varied attractions, and so prove by personal contact that the assertions are not exaggerated, but truly picture a goodly place where it is good to be. In his poem, "Lady Wentworth," this poet describes the old Governor Wentworth house, still standing, not far from the hotel. On its walls hang portraits of the ancestral Wentworths from whom the hotel Wentworth-by-the-Sea derives its present name. The original house was named "Ye Dolphin Inn" signalizing the use of the dolphin as the hotel's crest.

wbsbooklink.jpgThe approach to the Wentworth-by-the-Sea is by way of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 58 miles north of Boston -- old Portsmouth with its beautiful colonial mansions and world-famous doorways. Three more miles of picturesque winding roads, across the bridges of Portsmouth Harbor to lovely New Castle Island, bring suddenly to view the majestic white pile of the Wentworth, high above the New England shore, in one of nature's rock gardens the beauty of which is greatly enhanced by the artistic skill of the hotel gardener. Standing on a point 100 feet above sea level, with a commanding air of being lord of all it surveys, the house affords a delightful outlook in all directions, either to ocean or across the harbor waterways and countryside. Or, an approach may be made from the open sea directly to the hotel grounds at private landing where Little Harbor provides safe shelter for large and small pleasure craft.

Securely anchored on the projecting cliff is a building in the form of an old-fashioned passenger boat, called "The Ship", and connected with which is the large cement-lined swimming pool. There are two lower decks with dressing rooms for bathers; and on the salon deck, an auditorium seating 300 persons and having sixteen private boxes. Here a spacious stage provides the setting for impromptu entertainments or concerts and, on four evenings a week, the latest releases in sound motion pictures. From the promenade deck, surrounding this salon and overlooking the swimming pool, the magnificent water view may be enjoyed while listening to the lively music of the dance orchestra which accelerates the tempo during the popular morning bathing hour. The pool is under professional supervision, making it safe for the aquatic activities of the youngsters, and providing opportunity for those wishing instruction.

The Wentworth private golf course is an outstanding attraction. Covering over 3000 yards and laid out under plans prepared by Donald Ross, it is comparable in interest and opportunities for delicate play with some of the famous British Oceanside courses. It is picturesquely located, within easy walking distance of the hotel, and maintained in first-class condition under direction of a well-known professional, who is available to Wentworth guests. The club house has lockers, dressing rooms and other facilities for the use and comfort of players.

The Wentworth private tennis courts, located in full view of the broad verandas, are especially designed for fast play. Fully screened, regulation size with gravel bottom, they are highly satisfactory to the expert or the occasional player.

Ample stables are maintained for the use of guests bringing their own mounts, and horses are available for others.

In addition to the foregoing, putting matches, children's parties, junior golf, masquerade balls, concerts by symphony orchestra players, dancing, bridge parties and other entertainment features are being continually arranged for the amusement and occupation of the entire family, attracting a clientele of the best social, political and athletic life of the nation.

For those seeking rest rather than recreation, there are broad verandas and sun parlors, shady groves and walks, secluded nooks and quiet parlors, cool and airy guest chambers, comfortably and attractively furnished.

Adequate fire protection is assured through the complete equipment of every room and closet with 3300 automatic sprinklers, Grinnell System; also a high pressure fire engine with pumping capacity of 1,000 gallons per minute; the water supplied by two entirely independent systems making it practically fireproof. Watchmen are on duty day and night, in the house and outside.

There are three sleeping floors with elevator service; rooms of equal desirability located on all floors. Highest standards are maintained in all departments of cuisine and service, which includes beauty parlor, buffet, garage, valet and laundry. Water is from deep artesian wells and all ice used is manufactured on the premises from this water; vegetables are from the Wentworth gardens; milk and cream from nearby inspected dairies; fruit, meats, fish and game selected by experts; and all food prepared and served from clean, electrically equipped kitchens.

From arrival until departure, Wentworth guests may expect and will, receive quiet, intelligent and self-effacing service from all employees; and friendly and sincere effort on the part of the management to make the visit entirely enjoyable; that they may remember the Wentworth-by-the-Sea as "A goodly place where it was good to be."

Floor plans, rate schedules and further information will be furnished gladly to those interested.

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