Murder Staged as Tabletop Toy Theatre
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Written by Greg Gathers of Pontine


Artists, musicians, playwrights, poets, filmmakers, novelists and dancers have all used their creative skills to understand the tragic Shoals murders of 1873. Now Pontine of Portsmouth, NH will offer their dranatic interpetation. We especially liked these images from performer and designer Greg Gathers. (See display below)

March 6 marked the anniversary of the double homicide at the Isles of Shoals. Pontinue Theatre’s newest presnetation is called the "The Isles of Shoals: The Eternal Sound of the Sea" and runs from April 23, to May 9, 2010.

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The following images were created by Greg Gathers who, with co-director Margueritee Mathews, uses Toy Theatre figures, projected images, and shadow puppetry to tell the tragic murder story. We think they are among the most evocative images created so far in the historic telling of this story. These figures are manipulated by the pefromers on a tabletop stage. But they are so well-crafted that they also work on their own to translate the emotional power of this infamous event. Six images from the show are reprinted here with permission of Pontinue.

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Smuttynose Murder Artwork by Greg Gathers

Louis Wagner rows toward the Isles of Shoals /

Wagner peers through Honvet House windwo (c) Pontine


Ship Clarabella is away at Portsmouth, NH (c) Pontine

Murder on Smuttynose Island in 1873 (c) Pontine

Anethe and Karen Christiansen killed (c) Pontine

Victims graves at Portsmouth cemetery (c) pontine

All imagesby Greg Gathers (c) Pontine Theatre, Portsmouth, NH