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Louis Wagner Arrives at Portland Jail


Smuttynose Murder Press Clipping #03

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article is transcribed from a newspaper of the time that, in turn, transcribed it from another newspaper, and may or may not accurately reflect the facts in the Smuttynose Murder case.


March 14, 1873
Portsmouth Daily Evening Times
Wagner at Portland

WAGNER AT PORTLAND, -- Louis Wagner had a warm reception at Portland, in some respects something like what he had in this city. The Argus says:

As soon as the train stopped the officers hurried their man at once to a back (hack?) but not before a gang of workmen, thirty or forty by number, saw him, who made a rush for the carriage with cries of kill him! kill him! &c. The horses however were whipped up and the prisoner driven rapidly to the jail, where he was delivered into the hands of sheriff Pennell. He was placed in No. 49 on the ground tier, on the north side of the west wing. Here he will wait his trial. The door and window of the cell is provided with iron shutters so that in case of emergency he can be kept in total darkness.

He appears perfectly calm and meets one's gaze with a calm, straight-forward look. There is nothing in his appearance that would indicate a disposition to do such a deed as he is held for, but you can't always tell. The York County officers say he has an evil eye. No communications with him is allowed, and will not be until he has engaged counsel. Persons however were admitted to see him yesterday, and several availed themselves of the opportunity.
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