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Haley House In Shambles



Before the arrival of John MacKenzie, the historic Sam Haley House at the Isles of Shoals was in ruins. These rare images, courtesy of Rodney Whitelaw and Christine MacKenzie Olmsted show the daunting task before restoration.




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John MacKenzie’s Gift To Smuttynose

The Revolutionary War era "Haley Cottage" was more than two centuries old when John MacKenize sailed by Smuttynose Island at the Isles of Shoals. By the early 1990s, one of only two buildings remaining on the island, the house was scarred by time, vandals and weather.

Someone, MacKenzie decided, had to do something fast to save this historic cape on the rugged Isles. That someone – was him. MacKenzie made an incredible bargain with the owners of the island. He would restore the cottage himself in exchange for a week on the island, every year, for himself and his family.

The story of the restoration, a four-year project, is an engaging tale of how one man can make a difference. We hope to bring you that tale in the future. Following MacKenzie’s work, the Smuttynose Stewards were formed to further protect the island, and recently the owners have aligned with the state of Maine to protect the island and its wildlife – and to keep it unchanged – for all time.

The following pictures are presented here with the permission of Rodney Whitelaw and Christine MacKenzie Olmsted, and courtesy of Before & After Photo Restoration. They show the condition of the building at the start of MacKenzie’s one-man restoration project. – JDR






All photos by
Rodney Whitelaw and Christine MacKenzie Olmsted
(c) Beofre & After Photo Restoration
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