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Raiding Fort William and Mary

Guarding the fort / Ralph Morang photo

Every few years members of the Newmarket Milia and friends remind us of NH's most famous "batt;e". At the urging of Paul Revere, hundreds of locals raided the King's fort at New Castle Island in December 1774. It was the start of the American Revolution -- around here, at least. Lexington and Concord followed four months later in 1775.



UPDATE: New book will feature 1774 NH RAID DOCUMENT


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Stealing the king's gunpowder 1774 / Ralph Morang PhotoOn a windy day in December 1999, the Newmarket Militia re-enacted the historic Raid on Fort William & Mary from 1774. The colonial attack on a British Fort followed a warning by Paul Revere who had arrived in Portsmouth, NH the day before. The gunpowder stolen during the raid was reportedly used at the famous Battle of Bunker Hill in Massachusetts, nearby. Among the leaders of the raid were John Langdon and John Sullivan, both of whom became early governors of New Hampshire. Soon after the raid, the last British governor, John Wentworth was driven out of New Hampshire to Nova Scotia. asked top Seacoast photographer Ralph Morang to capture the Newmarket Militia re-enactment. Ralph's third Photo Gallery depicts the frigid day with gale force winds that made the action all the more believable. Civilians were herded inside the protection of the fort walls during the mock attack, striking of the flag and capture of the gunpowder. We are proud to add this gallery to our permanent collection of Seacoast images. For more of Ralph's photography, visit New England Photography. (Place mouse over photos for captions)

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Paul Revere rides into Portsmouth, NH / Morang Photo

Drummers in New Castle raid / Ralph Morang


Re-enacting December 14, 1774 (continued)


Six men guarded Fort William and Mary (c) Ralph Morang/

Arriving at Great Island by boat (c) Ralp[h Morang /

On the fort wall (c) Ralph Morang /

Below zero with heavy wind chill (c) Ralph Morang /

Newmarket Militia in 1999 (c) Ralph Morang /

All photos (c) Ralph Morang

Re-enacting December 14, 1774 (continued)


Portsmouth rebels take the fort (c) Ralph Morang /

Fort Constitution raid (c) Ralph Morang /

Kittery Maine houses behind modern NH re-enactors (c) Ralph Morang /

Staying warm at the raid (c) Ralph Morang /

Women accompanying the Portsmouth raiding party (c) Ralph Morang /

Photos (c) Ralph Morang / All rights reserved.



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