Presidents in Portsmouth History
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Candidates flow into New Hampshire every four years for our first in the nation presidential primary. But the state’s only seaport has seen presidential visits from the earliest days of the nation. Washington started it. See the best of our unique articles by local historians.




Index to Our Presidential Articles

The Poor Voters on Election Day
A poem on democracy by John Greenleaf Whittier (Click Here)

Portsmouth Pomp for President Polk
Fireworks did not flare when a less than popular presidnet visited (Click Here)

Presidents on Bottle Caps
An overview of presidential visits to Portsmouth, NH (Click Here)

George Washington in New Hampshire
Four days in Portsmouth and a visit to Exeter (Click Here)

Tobias Lear
All about Washington’s secretary and native NH son (Click Here)

Ona Judge Staines
Martha Washington’s body slave escapes Virginia to NH (Click Here)

James Monroe in Portsmouth
The fifth president follows in Washington's footsteps (Click Here)

Franklin Pierce Visits Portsmouth
NH-born Pierce returns again and again (Click Here)

Abraham Lincoln's Assassin Connected to Seacoast NH
John Wilkes Booth was engaged to a Dover woman (Click Here)

Ulysses Grant’s Whistlestop Tour
Big money as the ex-general joins the robber barons (Click Here)

Lady Bird Flies Through Town
First Lady Johnson dedicates the Dunaway Store (Click Here)


Barbara Bush Meets Mark Twain (Click Here)

FD Roosevelt in Portsmouth/ (Click Here)