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The Isles of Shoals


These nine rocky islands are divided along the border of New Hampshire and Maine. The Isles were a key destination for European fisherman before the Pilgrims landed. Today they are surrounded in misty legends made famous by island poet Celia Thaxter.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE : New Guide to Visiing the Shoals

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Lighthouse Kids "Save" White Island Light


The Simple Art of Uncle Oscar


Smuttynose Weather Photos


The Crack in White Island Lighthouse


Celia Thaxter Paintings


Levi Thaxter and Sons Burial Site


Smuttynose Diaries: Part One

Smuttynose Diaries: Part Two


In Search of Blackbeard's Treasure


History Channel Seeks Blackbeard's Treasure


The Tragic Tale of Beebe's Babies


A Smuttynose Sunrise


Original Smuttynose Murder News Clips


Chronicle Visits Smuttynose


The Ugliest Monument in New England


John Smith Gets His own Homepage!


Why John Smith Never Returned to the Isles


Capt. John Smith Monument, Star Island


Behind the Scenes at the Oceanic Hotel


Inside the Vaughn/Thaxter Museum on Star


Read Celia's Greatest Hits


Isles and Celia Hotlinks 


Playing Celia is Serious Business


He Died on the Isles


Detailed Shoals Maps from 1873


The Spaniards' Graves (poem)


Wreck of the Seguntum (poem)


Digging Into the Spaniards Graves


A Unique View of the Shoals


We Tour Appledore Island


Wreck of Rivermouth


Star Island Sunrise


Star Island Early Postcard Gallery Rows to Smuttynose


Smuttynose Murder: The Web Site


Isles of Shoals Photo Gallery by Peter Randall


Isles of Shoals Map


Capsule History of the Isles of Shoals


Gosport Harbor: 1860 Early Photos


Poet Celia Thaxter


The Seacoast Bookstore and Gift Shop


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