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Wright Museum of World War 2

Wright Museum / Photo

We live in the midst of war with a "war president" and soldiers dying. But our civilian lives are a far cry from those of the World War II generation. A unique museum in the New Hampshire likes tells that story and tells it well. If you’ve missed this historic site in your travels, pack up the kids and take a trip back in time.



Wright Museum
77 Center Street, Wolfeboro, NH
Closed Nov - Jan
(603) 569-1217
Visit the official web site

The tank crashing through the brick wall is hard to miss. Just an hour from the NH seacoast is one of New England's most unique museums. The Wright Museum is a homage to everything related to the second World War. Exhibits, including the new Time Tunnel display, focus tightly on the years 1939 to 1945.

Wright Musuem, Wolfeboro, NH / SeacoastNH.comHoused in two connecting buildings, the museum is divided into domestic life and war. A period plane hangs from the ceiling of the military wing above a working Sherman tank. All the vehicles, from a half track to vintage ambulance are all in working order and used in local parades.

The domestic section includes a number of family tableux. Visitors lean against the railing, pointing out familiar items from their own lives. The building is chock full of tools,, toys, posters, appliances and nostalgic items from the war years. Big and military tunes play gently in the background. A 10-minute video, narrated in part by TV-anchorman Tom Brokaw, orients new visitors.

The museum is ideal for families. Seniors can clearly show their grandchildren what life was like in an era of blackouts, rationing, recycling, heartbreak and victory. The museum is designed especially for large tours, including school and veteran groups, and even has a period soda fountain that converts to a banquet area.

We suggest that visitors should park at the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce, a converted Victorian railroad station, and walk the scenic quarter mile path along the river to the museum. That, and the scenic NH lakes, make for a great day trip. --- JDR

Wolfeboro, NH, Start walking here

Wright Museum / Photo

Exhibit in Wright Museum /

Wright Museum military vehicles room

Wright Museum display /

Rene Gagno flag and display at Wright Museum /

Wright Museum military Room

Wright Museum, Wolfeboro, NH

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All photos and text by J. Dennis Robinson
Copyright © 2003 All rights reserved.


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