What the USS Ranger Looked Like
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Written by SeacoastNH Archive

Playing with Ranger models in Portsmouth, NH / Robinson photoSeacoastNH.com Presents 
Historic Portsmouth #469  

This image comes from sailor, author, and maritime illustrator William Gilkerson and represents the best scholarship available as to how the sloop of war Ranger looked. No plans survive, but historians believe the design was scaled down from the Raleigh, also built by William Hackett. (Continued below) 


Authorized by the newly-formed Congress in late 1776 and originally named Hampshire, the Ranger was built at Rising Castle (Badger's Island) in Kittery. According to John Paul Jones, Ranger "will in my judgment prove the best Cruizer in America...nothing can be better calculated for sailing fast or making good weather."  Jones was given command of this ship by order of Congress on June 14, 1777, the same day Congress authorized the design of the Stars & Stripes that would become the symbol of the new nation. But what flag did the Ranger fly? The flags of John Paul Jones and an interview with artist William Gilkerson are the topic of next Monday's "History Matters" column in the Herald. And remember that the birthday of John Paul Jones comes right after the Fourth of July. (Photo courtesy of William Gilkerson) 

Ranger by William Gilkerson


USS Ranger by William Gilkerson