We should be Wearing Jetpacks by Now
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289_Portsmouth_future_00SeacoastNH.com Presents
Historic Portsmouth #289

Last week we published the century-old postcard that predicted what Ogunquit, Maine might look in the 21st century. That time has come and there is still no subway from Ogunquit to Bald Head Cliff. This week reader Shaun Rafferty sent a similar postcard of Future Portsmouth also from about 1905. Here it is (continued below)


The card shows a monorail train racing through the sky above Market Square. The air is filled with hot air balloons. There is a drigible type vechild and one that looks like a flying bat. There are subway entrance tunnels leading to Boston and Union Station. How conveninet. These days – in the 21st century – the only thing heading to Boston is the bus. We don’t even have the train anymore, and airplane traffic from Pease Tradeport. has been spotty. Thanks again to Mr. Rafferty for sending this along.


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