View from the Ceres Street Ferry
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Written by SeacoastNH Archive

ferry Landing Ceres Presents  
Portsmouth #467 

A couple of weeks ago we showed the Ceres Street ferry landing all smashed up with boats apparently tossed onto the docks by a hurricane. Seems only fair to put things back together this week. (Continued below)

Locals who fret over a few minutes waiting in traffic to cross the Piscataqua River bridges would not have fared well in an era when ferries were the primary transportation between Kittery and Portsmouth. This fuzzy photo was apparently taken by a passenger aboard one of those ferries on a wintry day in the early 20th century. The sign reads A.S.L.R.Y. FERRY LANDING. To the left the painted lettering reads BOTTLING WORKS. There is a logo for the Frank Jones Brewery, once among the largest breweries in the nation. This was a bottling and shipping point for soda water, tonic, lager, and ales. Today the scenic restaurant decks serve the very same libations -- and a whole lot more.   (Courtesy Strawbery Banke Museum)    

Old Ferry Landing Ceres Street, Portsmouth, NH ?