V-J Day Street Parade
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Written by Strawbery Banke Arachive

Drummer in V-J Day Celebration (cO Strawbery Banke MuseumStrawbery Banke Presents

On August 14, 1945 Allied forces announced the surrender of Japan, signaling the end of World War II. Portsmouth citizens joined in spontaneous celebrations of "Victory over Japan" or V-J Day. Allied forces had dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the previous week. Photo by Frank Hersey.




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Spontaneous V-J Day Celebration in Portsmouth, NH (c) Strawbery Banke Museum Archive

 Early Photographs from the Collections of Strawbery Banke
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Portsmouth, NH, WW2, VJ Day Parade (c) Strawbery Banke Museum

August 14, 1945, New Hampshire  detail (c) Strawbery Banke Archive