Three Kennedys Campaign in Portsmouth
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Written by SeacoastNH Archives Presents
Historic Portsmouth #350

What better way to celebrate an election year than with three smiling Kennedy brothers? Jack, Bobby, and Teddy Kennedy all campaigned in Portsmouth in the 1960s as seen in three rare photos from the Athenaeum collection. An historic series of black and white pictures show Senator John F. Kennedy mingling shoulder-to-shoulder with citizens of Portsmouth at a campaign rally. (Continued below)



When Irish Guys are Smiling

Robert is seen here going house-to-house in town, also in the 1960 campaign for his brother. A young Edward (below) arrived years later during his own campaign. He is seen here in 1969 with Margaret Smith at Wentworth by the Sea. By then assassins had taken both of his brothers. The surviving Senator from Massachusetts, hailed as “The Last Lion,” continued through four more decades of triumph and tragedy until his own death in 2009. (Courtesy Thomas C. Wilson and Smith Collections archived at the Portsmouth Athenaeum)

Robert Kennedy campagining in Portsmouth, NH in 1960

Senator John F Kennedy campaigning in Portsmouth, NH in 1960

Edward Kennedy campagining at Wentworth by the Sea in 1969

Photos (c) Portsmouth Athenaeum
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