The Last Lion as a Young Cub
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Written by SeacoastNH Archive
Teddy Kennedy in NH / Presents
Historic Portsmouth #270

Decades ago a smiling young Senator Edward Kennedy from Massachusetts visited the Seacoast and spoke at Wentworth by the Sea. Back then he was in stormy waters. Even though Portsmouth had its liberal blue constituents, NH was largely a red state. (Continued below)

And there was no one redder than hotel owner James Barker Smith. The Smiths were great friends with Milton Eisenhower, (brother to former president Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower), who frequently stayed in the overflow rooms at the Smith’s own home nicknamed "Margin for Error". Among Smith’s treasured possessions was an autographed photo from then-Vice President Richard Nixon. Frequently considered as a presidential candidate himself, "Teddy" eventually gave up the quest following a series of personal tragedies. In a follow-up note to the Smiths, who were cordial hosts, Kennedy thanked them for the well stocked bar in his room. (Photo courtesy Smith Collection at Portsmouth Athenaeum)

Senator Edward Kennedy at Wentworth by the Sea/ Portsmouth Athenaeum Photo