The Forgotten Walbach Tower
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Written by Strawbery Banke Archive

Walbach Tower, New Caslte/ Strawbery Banke ARchiveStrawbery Banke Presents

This circulator "Martello" defensive tower still survives near Fort Constitution in New Castle, just out of public view. It was built it 1814, legend says in a single day, during the British blockade of Portsmouth Harbor and named for Colonel John de Barth Walbach, originally from Germany. Never used, the curious ruin appeared in early tour books. It was once the focus of patriotic odes and summer picnics.



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Walbach Tower, New Castle, NH / Strawbery Banke Museum

Early Photographs from the Collections of Strawbery Banke
by James L. Garvin & Susan Grigg, Peter Randall Publisher
(c) Strawbery Banke Museum . All rights reserved


Close-up of ship in background / Strawbery Banke

Detail behind Walbach Tower/ Strawbery Banke Archive