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Portsmouth High School Graduation 1922

Dorothy_Vaughan in Presents 
Historic Portsmouth #412

When historian Dorothy Vaughan (1904-2004) graduated from Portsmouth High ninety years ago in 1922 she was already volunteering at the public library where she worked for 54 years. Here are her 95 classmates, their names transcribed from a photo in the Athenaeum archives. (See entire list of grads)


The 1924 Portsmouth High grads include (left to right, back to front): Dick Walsh, Pat Ryan, Bill Randall, Art McMahon, George Scott, Irving Johnson, Bill Hurley, Wes Packard, Port McIntyre, Wad Woods, Clint Davis, Ralph Leavitt, Ralph Rinalducci, Charles Wendell, Bud Marshall, Alfred Aichel, Franklin Witham, John McCann, Lewis Minichello, Phil Snyder, Harry De Rochemont, Pat Flanagan, Harry Gamester, Frank Lord, Harold Clark, Ave Eastman, Jimmy Lee, Art Rand, Wallace Jacques, Walt Harvey, Oscar Aichel, Brick Hurley, Francis Pinkham, Francis Connell, Randolph Beane, Morris Pridham, Reggie Reed, Paul Swett, David Kushious, Gerald Foss, Margaret Leary, Mary Reagan, Lillian Kimball, Ruth Raines, Beatrice Williams, Dorothy Vaughan, Beatrice Tilley, Charlie Odiorne, Kathryn Hildebrand, Gert Moran, Louise Wever, Eleanor Alkon, Ruth Junkins, Marion Shuttleworth, Anna Flanigan, Anna White, Gwenny Woods, Florence Entwhistle, Dorothy Becker, Virginia Cuskley, Elizabeth Churchill, Mary McWilliams, Pauline Stewart, Clara Bridle, Sadye Sharansky, Lillian Shaw, Mary Leary, Clara Clark, Frances Hand, Vesta Spinney, Margaret Ramsdell, Elizabeth Virgil, Elizabeth Bryant, Eleanor Pethic, Francena Johnson, Mildred Hannaford, Dorothy Ward, Katherine Reitzell, Anna Robinson, Georgianna Duncan, Aura Drew, Franes Raines, Gladys Clark, Frances Amazeen, Josephine Meehan, Harold Cotton, Olive Mattison, Ethel Adams, Dugan O’Leary,  Virginia Micott, Eunice Cohen, Sophie Shapiro, Sophie Kaufman, Genevieve Prince, Dot Daley, and Mary Goodwin. (Courtesy Portsmouth Athenaeum)

Portsmouth High School class of 1922





(c) Portsmouth Athenaeum



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