Rare 1862 Scrip Note from Rockingham House
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Written by SeacoastNH Archive

Five Cent NH scrip note detialSeacoastNH.com Presents
Historic Portsmouth #284

A recent "History Matters" column focused on the very rare "scrip notes" issued by Portsmouth merchants. These fragile, paper promissory notes, most smaller than a credit card, were issued in denominations under one dollar. They functioned like coins when currency was scarce in tough economic times. (Continued below)

This enlarged sample from Kevin Lafond’s private collection shows a five-cent note issued during the Civil War in 1862 by W.F. Hadley & Co at the Rockingham House on State Street. The brick mansion built in 1785 by Woodbury Langdon became a rooming house in the 1830s. Hadley sold the building to ale tycoon Frank Jones in 1870. Jones developed it into the city’s premier hotel until the main building was consumed by fire on September 27, 1884. Lafond has studied dozens of Portsmouth merchants who issued script notes. His report is availble for reference at the Portsmouth Athenaeum and the public library. The entire article may be seen online at SeacoastNH.com. (Photos courtesy of Kevin Lafond and Strawbery Banke Museum)

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