Prince Charles Meets King Arthur
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Written by Strawbery Banke Archive

Prince Charles in Portsmouth, NH in 1973 / Strawbery Banke CollectionStrawbery Banke Presents

Bonnie Prince Charles was the featured celebrity during Portsmouth’s 350th anniversary events in 1973. He was escorted through Strawbery Banke by board president Arhtur Brady. A local merchant and mayor, Brady was best known for his support of local arts and theater.




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Prince Charles and Arthur BRady at Strawbery Banke Museum/ Museum Collection

This image from the book STRAWBERY BANKE:
A Seaport Museum 400 Years in the Making
by J. Dennis Robinson
(c) Strawbery Banke Museum Collection

Strawbery Banke



I was reminded of Prince Charles' visit to the area. I did take my children to Fort McClary to watch the arrival of the ship bringing him to Portsmouth -- a destroyer? But at the critical moment there was a salute of guns. And the ship & sailors lining the rails were obscured by smoke. Oh well! There was a rumor that he did some surfing at York's Long Sands. So, thanks for the memory, (1973 was a long time ago !!) or what I THINK is a memory