Postcards Were 20th Century Tweets
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Written by SeacoastNH Archives Presents
Historic Portsmouth #306

There was a time when I thought early postcard messages might be a valiable source of historical data. No more. After deciphering hundreds of these handwritten messages, I’ve come to the conclusion that postcards were the Twitter of the early 20th century. (Contined with photo below)

"Having a great time" and "Wish you were here" appear to be all our ancestors were saying when the penny postcard sensation swept the nation. In the spring of 1906, for example, writer ECS sent this postcard of Market Square to friend Ethel in Hartford, CT. The message reads, "Where all the excitement takes place." The sentiment is still true with Market Square Day returning June 12, but this black and white vision doesn’t exactly sparkle with action. The photographer not only captured the parked trolleys and what appears to be a cigar store Indian (left) but included the scenic horse manure and telephone poles that once lined Congress Street. (Courtesy Collection)