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Palm Sunday at Saint Pats

Catholic school student in Portsmouth, NH / Presents
Historic Portsmouth #248

This timely image of St. Patrick’s School comes from the McEachern family album circa 1915-1920. The annual Palm Sunday procession moved from Austin St. to Summer St. to services at the Catholic church. (Continued below)


Marcella McEachern is reportedly the last girl on the right in white, next to the dark blurred impish figure. Marcella was among six surviving children who lived in a large house on the West End of Islington Street (the site of Sherwin-Williams store today). The family came to Portsmouth from Cape Breton around 1890 and took in boarders. Marcella’s brother Archie (not shown) left school in fourth grade to work in the brewery next door. He later worked at the Morley Button Factory and as a night watchman for the city. His son Paul McEachern is a Portsmouth attorney and NH state representative. (Photo courtesy Alec McEachern)

St. Partick's school on Pal Sunday 1915-20 /

Photo Courtesy Alec McEachern

St Pat's Detail 01/

St Pat's detail 02


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Monday, February 19, 2018 
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