No Longer a Stable Business
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Written by Strawbery Banke Archive

Beacham's Garage / Strawbery Bank MuseumStrawbery Banke Presents

The opening of Beacham’s Portsmouth Garage downtown in 1907 proved the motorcar was no passing fancy. Built on the site of the old "Stone Stable" this is now the site of luxury condos. Richard and Harry Beacham continued to operate their livery stables nearby, but by 1929 only one stable survived in the central business area.


HISTORIC PHOTOS of the Greater Portsmouth Area appear here weekly

Beacham's Garage, Portsmouth, NH / Strawbery Banke Archives

Early Photographs from the Collections of Strawbery Banke
by James L. Garvin & Susan Grigg, Peter Randall Publisher
(c) Strawbery Banke Museum . All rights reserved.

BONUS DETAILS: Note that North Church steeple is not painted white in this early photo and that today, the condos on Porter Street occupy the area in the background here. The building on the left is still standing. Below is a detail of the bystanders and the crowded car at the left. All images courtesy of Strawbery Banke.

Innocent bystanders, 1907, Portsmouth, NH

Auto Repair 1907