New Life for Old NH Statehouse?
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Written by Strawbery Banke Arachives

Cart on Court Street, Portsmouth, NH / Strawbery Banke CollectionsStrawbery Banke Presents

This small portion of the 1760 Old Statehouse (at left) was moved to 47 Court Street when the structure was dismantled in Market Square in 1836. When plans to reconstruct the statehouse at Strawbery Banke failed, these aged timbers were stored in a trailer in Concord, NH. (click for more)




UPDATE NOTE: Rather than rebuild it entirely, the Portsmouth Historical Society recently proposed honoring the statehouse with a partial reconstruction and permanent exhibit at a "cultural center" in the former public library building. Read all about the Cultural Center here.

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OLD NH Statehouse (c) Copyright Strawbery Banke Museum Collections


Old Statehouse, Portsmouth, NH / artwork from NHDHR Report

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