Last Days of Puddle Dock
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Written by Strawbery Banke Archive

Puddle Dock in 1896 photo ? Strawbery Banke ArchiveStrawbery Banke Presents

"The Creek", as it was first called, is now the central field at Strawbery Banke Museum. The smelly mud basin was filled with 26,000 cubic yards of ashes and debris between 1899 and 1907. This picture shows a pumping station, boiler shop, smokehouse, fish wharf and the roof of the 1695 Wentworth House --al gone. Only the Liberty Pole in the center survives at Prescott Park.



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Puddle Dock in 1895, now filled in as the central area of Strawbery Banke Museum (c) Strawbery Banke Archive

Early Photographs from the Collections of Strawbery Banke
by James L. Garvin & Susan Grigg, Peter Randall Publisher
(c) Strawbery Banke Museum . All rights reserved


Puddle Dock 1895 (c) Strawbery Banke Archive

Puddle Dock, POrtsmouth, NH / Strawbery Banke Archives