Just Married 65 Years Ago
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Historic Portsmouth #436

What in the world, you are asking yourself, does this old wedding photograph from 1947 have to do with Portsmouth history? The newlyweds, I will admit, are not from Portsmouth. They are, in fact, from a little town in Massachusetts called Upton. They met in school. John was five years older than Phyllis. She was just a kid when he signed on as a U.S. Marine in World War II. He was among the troops that landed at Iwo Jima. (Continued below)


The couple and their three boys moved to Bedford, New Hampshire in 1960. Coincidentally, so did I. I was not happy about the move, but I got over it. John and Phyllis Robinson still live in their modest “modern” little ranch house in Bedford where they recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. My brothers and I were there. One is an archaeologist. The other is a carpenter. And me, well I write about the history of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. So there’s your connection. Happy 65th Anniversary, mom and dad. (Courtesy Robinson Family)

Phyllis and John Robinson 2012

Phyllis E and John B Robinson 1947 Wedding

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