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Have a Happy Lucky Vintage Piggy New Year

Lucky_pig Presents  
Historic Portsmouth #443

Clearly it is not easy finding vintage pictures celebrating the New Year. All I could come up with was this vintage leather postcard showing a pig jumping through a horseshoe with a four-leaf clover. Think of it as a text message from the turn of the early 20th century.  (Much more continued below)


Read the UNLUCKY HORSESHOE poem here

But it does remind me of a great poem by James T. Fields, my favorite Portsmuoth-born poet. Fields (1817-1881) and his wife Annie went on to become the toast of literary Boston back when being a great writer really meant something. As a partner in the firm Ticknor and Fields (later Houghton & Mifflin), he published and befriended top British writers like Dickens, Wordsworth, DeQuincy and Thackery. In the United States he was friendly with Hawthorne, Longfellow, Holmes, Stowe, Emerson, Twain, Whittier, and just about everybody who made it big in American letters. In his own poem “The Lucky Horseshoe” Fields wrote about a farmer who found a horseshoe and hung it over his barn door. The next year the poor farmer’s hens stopped laying, his cattle all died, locusts and rats infested his house, and his crops withered. The destiotute farmer told his sad story to a passerby who examined the horseshoe hung on the barn. “No wonder skies upon you frown,” the stranger said. “You’ve nailed the horseshoe upside down!” (Courtesy Portsmouth Athenaeum)

Lucky pig jumps through horseshoe with four-leaf clover 1911







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Friday, January 19, 2018 
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