Hats Off to the Men Who Built Memorial Bridge
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Written by SeacoastNH Archives

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Historic Portsmouth #370

Someone needs to tell these guys that their architectural and engineering masterpiece is on life support and soon to be unplugged. There are no names listed on this photograph taken at the Rockingham Hotel in May 1920. But it’s clear that they mean business. (Continued below)



The title reads simply “New Bridge Conference Commission.”  The second photo shows the first steps of building the south abutment of the bridge near the old Daniel Street power station (now Harbor Place) in June 1921. Hard to believe that spot will again be empty when the historic lift bridge is dismantled like a giant erector set and the downtown areas of Portsmouth and Kittery are disconnected for the first time since Memorial Bridge opened in 1923.  (Photos courtesy of the Portsmouth Athenaeum)



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