From Stagecoach to Iron Horse
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Written by Strawbery Banke Archive

Boston & Maine engine in York 1887 /


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This photograph commemorates the opening of the York Harbor and Beach Railroad on August 8, 1887. The rail work was completed from Kittery in little more than two months but had not yet hit the beach by the summer peak season.. (Continued with bonus photos below)   


The North Wind chugs into York Beach

North Wind B&M Engine #167 a Sea Cottage stagecoach in York Maine 1877

The photo shows "The North Wind" (locomotive #157) followed by a coach and baggage car loaded in Boston and possibly switched off in Portsmouth station. The train is met here by the stagecoach from the Sea Cottage. Construction had apparently slowed here on its way to "Union Bluffs", now York Beach, due to swampy summer conditions. A sophisticated network of trains and trolleys allowed visitors to conveniently reach a growing number of summer resorts, boosting the seacoast tourism trade that continues today.


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From the book "Historic Portsmouth" by James Garvin
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