Do You Know These People?
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Written by SeacoastNH Archives Presents  
Historic Portsmouth #392

We are approaching our 400th photograph in this little weekly column, and a lot has change in the years since it began. Libraries have come alive on the Internet. Readers and researchers have unprecedented and growing access to documents and images. (Continued below with photo)


We can see what books libraries have on their shelves, order scholarly articles via e-mail, dig into archived files, and order digital books – all without leaving home. The Portsmouth Public Library is a digital treasure trove and the Portsmouth Athenaeum has scanned thousands of images. But more images means more mysteries. Here’s a recently scanned picture that has Athenaeum archivist Courtney MacLachlan stumped. The image is part of a scrapbook that once belonged to Annie Harvey Hodgdon. She and her husband and Alice and Arthur Dedes all lived at 159 Middle Street. Anyone with identifying information can leave a message for Courtney at 603-431-2538.  (Courtesy Portsmouth Athenaeum)



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