Cinerama Holiday Jazzy Soundrack
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Papa Presents
Historic Portsmouth #275

Newington-based film producer Louis de Rochemont left behind, not only a wildly diverse collection of movies, but a unique soundtrack as well. De Rochemont published sheet music for key songs in his movies like "Lost Boundaries" and "The Whistle at Eaton Falls". (Click to continue)


In 1955 he released "Cinerama Holiday" a film shot with three cameras at once, and rarely staged today, since it requires a wrap-around wide-angle screen. Although promoters hailed Cinerama as "a new form of human communication" it quickly faded. For this "reality" documentary, de Rochemont selected two couples who were then whisked across the USA and Europe on holiday. The elaborate soundtrack album includes music recorded in France, Switzerland, and even features the UNH Glee Club singing about the Deerfield Fair. De Rochemont searched for "the heart of American music" on the streets of New Orleans where he found the Second Free Mission Baptist Church and Oscar "Papa" Celestin. This photo shows an original copy of de Rcohemont’s 45 rpm release of Papa Celestin performing "Tiger Rag" and the "Darktown Strutters’ Ball". (Collection of

Papa Celestin sings on soundtrack album of 1955 Cinerama Holiday bu Louis de Rochemont /

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