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Campaigning in ’64 with AuH20 Presents  
Historic Portsmouth #387

Thanks to political historian Tom Wilson, the Portsmouth Athenaeum collection includes at least a dozen images of the five-term Arizona Gov. Barry Goldwater (1909-1998) campaigning in Portsmouth in 1964. We see Goldwater touring the Portsmouth Herald building with editor Ray Brighton, speaking at various local clubs, posing with attorney Jeremy Waldron, and meeting with students, as seen here.  (Continued below)


In one photo, Goldwater inches carefully down the steps of the Rockingham Hotel with one foot in a cast. For many New England “baby boomers”’ politics began with our daily salute to “Ike” Eisenhower with a glass of malted milk flavored with Ovaltine on the Big Brother Bob Emery  TV show. Kennedy’s assassination changed all our lives. I recall seeing Lyndon Johnson ride by in a motorcade, but Goldwater had all the cool campaign stuff. Because my father installed the telephones at the campaign center, we got an entire case of golden ginger ale boldly labeled Au-H20-64 with matching bumper stickers, signs, and plastic Panama hats. Today “Mr. Conservative” is remembered for his tough stand against the Soviet Union, labor unions, and welfare funding. He openly criticized the religious right, approved of gays in the military, took a strong position on defense, and admitted to a belief in UFOs. (Photo courtesy of the Portsmouth Athenaeum)



Photo (c) Portsmouth Athenaeum



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Thursday, February 22, 2018 
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