Boats Crash into Portsmouth Ferry Landing
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Historic Portsmouth #465

Hit the Decks! Do you know why they named that restaurant on Ceres Street the Old Ferry Landing? Well, um, because it was once a landing for the ferry that regularly criss-crossed the river to Kittery.  (Continued below) 


And when we say "hit the decks" these days, it is simply an invitation to drink and dine in the scenic waterfront deck area overlooking the tugs and bridges. Apparently they took all these phrases literally in the past. Here, for example, are boats actually hitting the decks, or more accurately, the docks. The photo archive offers no explanatory caption for a series of images that are dated between 1920 and 1945. Could it be more devastation from the hurricane of 1938? If you have a clue what happened here, let me know. Hopefully this concludes my recent series of historic car, boat, tanker, and train wreck pictures from the wild north end of town. (Courtesy of Portsmouth Athenaeum)

ferry Landing Wreck / Portsmouth Athenaeum photo

Ferry Landing Crash/ Portsmouth Athenaeum photo

Ferry Landing wreck / Portsmouth Athenaeum photo collection

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