Before the Gardens Grew at Atlantic Heights
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Written by SeacoastNH Archive

Atlantic Heights Presents 
Historic Portsmouth #471

If you have yet to "discover" the city's historic Atlantic Heights neighborhood, this is a good weekend to sail down Kearsage Way. All the streets are named for Portsmouth-build ships -- Falkland, Raleigh, Crescent, Saratoga  etc. -- and the low income housing project was built by Uncle Sam in 1919. (Continued below) 


You can read all about these English "garden style" units in the book ATLANTIC HEIGHTS by Richard Candee. Or you can see them for yourself. Although the brick and wooden homes and apartments look pretty dull in these early black and white photos, I can assure you that the neighborhood is bursting with color each summer. In fact, I can see the gardens right outside my office window.  The Atlantic Heights garden tour is held each year mid-July when you can peak nito the back yards of this 100-year old neighborhood. Or just cruise around any time and take in this charming little example of how architecture really works.  (Courtesy Portsmouth Athenaeum) 

Atlantic Heights, Portsmouth, NH

Atlantic Heights gardens

Atlantic Heights, Portsmouth, NH