A Simpler North End Halloween 1932
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Halloween 1932SeacoastNH.com Presents 
Historic Portsmouth #485  

The evolution of Halloween as a full-blown commercial extravaganza speaks volumes about our increasingly material world. Back before seasonal superstores and ornate parades, this was a humble and much-less-scary affair. (Click headline for full details and pic) 


Contrast this Depression-era shot, recently added to the North End Neighborhood Collection, to gentrified Halloween today. An old sheet, some cut-up paper, a bit of grease paint, some ribbon and there you have it. Although, exactly what these kids are dressed as is not immediately clear. But we do know who they are. Meet the Pesaresi family of Deer Street and  Russell Street in the former North End neighborhood around 1932. Hope they got plenty of candy. Left to right: Mary Pesaresi holding Dorothy Pesaresi, Azio Ferrini, Lincoln Tosi, Fred Tosi and Adam Pesaresi. (Courtesy of the Portsmouth Athenaeum) 

North End Halloween 19832


North End Halloween, 19832


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