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Old Ironsides Best Web Links

Best Old Ironsides Web Links

Readers Ahoy! If you want to know more about Old Ironsides, this is the place to start. Because of our high rating in the search engines, we are often mistaken for the official USS Constitution web site. Not so. Our interest is largely focused on the 20 years when Ironsides was berthed in Portsmouth Harbor on the border of New Hampshire and Maine, Here's MORE.


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USS Constitution Internet LInks

To get more of the fascinating Old Ironsides story, check our links below. These will take you, so press BACK to return here. If you find a dropped link or error, please contact us via the email address at the botto mof this web page. Smooth sailing!

Old Ironsides in Portsmouth Harbor


Old Ironsides
This the official US Navy web site for the restored 1797 USS Constitution, a floating museum in Charleston, MA. Includes a great new VIRTUAL TOUR of the ship.

USS Constitution Museum
This is the museum next door to Old Ironsides in Charleston with gift shop and superb maritime heritage exhibits

Boston Freedom Trail
The had to draw the line on historic sites in Boston and this red line on the road takes you to, among other places, Old Ironsides. This is the official site.

The Captain's Clerk
Great information by a former Commander of Old Ironsides.

Boston National Historic Parks
This is the Freedom Trail that includes the Charleston Navy Yard where Old Ironsides was built in 1797 and where the ship and the museum are located today

Charleston Historic Sites
History page from Charleston business web site.

US Naval Academy Museum
Located in Preble Hall on the Annapolis campus in Maryland

Naval Historical Center
At the Washington Navy Yard in DC with excellent online resources.

US Navy
Official government site for the Navy

Nautical Research Guild
If you are building accurate models of historic ships, start here.

Robert Smith’s Master Index
A clickable state-by-state list of maritime museums in the USA

Boston Harborfest
Annual six-day event around July 4th holiday


Old Ironsides, the Movie
Bet you’ve never seen this great 1926 action—packed film produced as the USS constitution was being renovated for its world tour. Internet Movie Database is a good starting point. For fascinating details and photos see special section in Silents are Golden.

Poem "Old Ironsides"
The poem by Oliver Wendell Holmes and the story of how the poem was created in 1830.
A popular independent web site on maritime heritage.

The Captain Speaks about Ironsides
Lots of archived data on this independent maritime heritage site be a former commander.

The Ironsides Battle Record
Documents from 1800 to 1853

Naval History Magazine
A great source for new research on naval history in a highly readable format

Old Ironsides Stuff on eBay

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